Monsoon Mania

Rejoice to the splashes of water on your head at the rain dance area, feel alive while you are dancing on your feet on rocking music with your dear ones

Sky Fall

If you like water rides high and steep and are prepared to go any length to get your kicks, SKYFALL is the one for you. NATION’s wildest water ride comes to you with a 90 feet free fall drop.. most exciting and entertaining water ride that will blow your mind only at OYSTERS Park Gurgaon.

Whirl Wind

A float slide with twists and turns and drops giving you joy of riding on an Open Float. The smiles return in a matter of seconds as you slide down the ride and reach the massive pool

Lazy River

If you don’t like being crazy then lazy river is for you, dream ride of every person visiting OYSTERS

Rapid Racer

racewhich you would not want to loose from your friends. 04 Lane Racer Ride is a high-speed mat racer that sends riders through water lanes. It allows guests to challenge each other for a thrilling & exciting race

Thunder storm

a float slide with twists and turns and drops giving you joy of riding on a closed Float. On a hot sunny day this ride would be great to relax and stay cool.


Strong visual and spectator appeal of this ride keeps guests coming back again and again.


This ride provides greater entertainment value. It is a fun filled place for people of all ages. This Body Ride sweeps the riders off their feet as they plunge into splash of water.

Pirate Station

The ultimate water slide adventure! A 16 platform station sends you ripping down and splashing into pool water. You will fall in love with this ride.

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